Community Events

“Being in that room, with that much positivity, was like suddenly figuring out how to breathe deeply when you’ve always struggled to catch your breath.” 

Those words came to us from someone who participated in our first community storytelling event- and they pretty much summed up how we felt about the event, too. Thank you to the more than 50 people who packed the East Boston public library on Jan. 26 to listen to us, to share stories with each other, and to brainstorm ways to move forward together as Everyday Boston.

A special thanks to Adrienne Shih, who donated her time to take the images below; the staff of the beautiful East Boston library; the inspiring youth organization Zumix, which is creating a podcast of the event for their radio station; Rehanna Fernandes Nunez, of East Boston, and Tony Lewis, of Dorchester, for the wonderful music they improvised minutes after they met; the one and only Cathy Russo, of East Boston, for talking about her interview experience; and Djohnny’s Bakery, of Dorchester, for donating delicious treats.

Next up: Dorchester! Stay tuned.

For our very first community event, our scrappy underdog of a project made it to the historic Boston Athenaeum on November 18, 2016 – and what a warm welcome we got! The week after a divisive election, it felt so good to be in a room full of strangers, saying hello, reading aloud stories we’d collected from other parts of the city, then sharing stories between ourselves in small groups. Thanks so much to our wonderful host, Hannah Weisman, and to everyone else who gave up their lunch hour to connect at that pop-up event.

This, we believe, is how community starts. We’ve included some snapshots below, and thanks to the Boston Athenaeum, you can also watch the video of the event.