Hope on a hard day

The day after five people were killed in and around Boston, we’re remembering the words of Ron Veale, pictured above, at the right, with his childhood best friend Sherron Harris. We met them a couple of weeks ago at Ripley Road’s annual summer party, where they were nice enough to pose for a portrait, and talk to story ambassador Gabbie Follett about the old days, and the kind of nurturing they got back then. Here’s part of what Ron had to say, which gave us hope then, and again today:

“The older people who lived on the street, many of them owned their houses, so they would also try to give words of encouragement, give words of insight, give visions to where you could go in life, instead of just being limited to one way of life. I believe that’s why we do what we do now, definitely reaching out to other young people, to make sure that they have a vision, make sure that they know who they are, what they represent, where they came from, so that they can spread it. And maybe one day, we’ll have a peaceful world that we live in.”