What We’re Doing

Welcome to Everyday Boston, a community-building project that pushes back against the stereotypes that divide us, and uses stories to connect us.

On this website, you’ll read the words, hear the voices, and see the faces of people you might not otherwise meet. It’s our way of trying to build community across a divided city.


One of our regular meetings at the Tobin Community Center in Mission Hill

All the stories on this site are produced by or with story ambassadors, people who live or grew up in Boston and want to share with others the city they see. In their free time, with coaching from a journalist, they go out into their neighborhoods and listen to the life experiences of people they think are interesting. Then they come back as a team to shape those stories for the site.

We’re on a steep learning curve right now: the story ambassadors are new to interviewing, and the journalist is new to community building. But we’re pretty excited about the whole thing (watch our very first TV interview below), so we hope you’ll join us!

Email us ideas for interesting people to interview (as long as they’re not famous). Help us design and develop a new version of this website. Or just tell us how you’d like to see the site grow. You can get in touch through our founder, Cara, at cjill1025@yahoo.com.

In the meantime, thanks for visiting. We hope you enjoy.

Big thanks to Crystal Chandler of The Somerville Line for interviewing a few of us about Everyday Boston. Featured in this video: story ambassadors Carmen Pola and Gabbie Follett, along with founder/managing editor Cara Solomon.